Best 2 Free Informative + Entertaining Movies about Resiliency

A free movie from History Channel about Resiliency to watch during your day offs.

I love both of these. So entertaining: suspenseful enough to depicts a sense of reality yet, tasteful to show hope, perseverance, and a light at the end of the tunnel. And yes, very informative.

1) After Armageddonn - A SHTF scenario -History Channel
This movie is beautiful because it has a complete timeline. It starts from when the problem begins (an economic meltdown), what happens to the people in the city and the main family, the difficult journey to civilization, and how things look when things settle down.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8rYaPfFLgo (1hour 27min)

 2) American Blackout 2013 - National Geographic
This movie feels like a reality show movie. A major blackout occurs in a major city and people start taking videos of their own experiences through their cel phones. These selfie videos feel so real, you wonder if it really happened. You will see a range of people from the prepared to those who never expected such an event could occur.
https://youtu.be/zNfJkMPTtWQ (1 hour 27min)

Feel free to comment below which one you liked, your thoughts, and your suggestions.

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