Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank

RAVPower 10400mAh 3.5A Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank with iSmart Technology (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I bought the black colored charger. My initial impression is that the build is strong and solid metal with some smooth plastic finish. I feel confident that it would last a long time. I like the fact that there are 2 ports to charge with. I also like that there is an indicator of the remaining power level. When I charge it, I am able to tell when the device is still charging and when the charging is over- which was helpful.

I have tried charging various devices ranging from my Samsung Galaxy S4, my iPod Touch 4th gen, my family's iPhone, and in all cases, it performed very well. It would almost charge 1% per minute.

I am very please with the product. My only caveat, which is no big deal is that the left port has a different amp power from the right side. I emailed CS and although they answered me, the answer wasn't the easiest to understand. Perhaps labeling the ports would solve the problem.

I highly recommend it.

In terms of Resiliency, this would not only help your cel phones to be charged but if you also have LED lights that are USB powered, such as the S2 or the S20, you will see the value of the product.

ps. this product was sold to me with a discount for an honest review.

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