Solo Stove

I really like products that are multi-purpose and versatile.

I bough the Solo Stove because it uses bio fuel- like twigs and tree branches to burn. You simply gather some dry materials and you would be able to create fire using your favorite fire starters or matches, or lighter.

Another plus, is that the Solo Stove is light and compact. It can be disassembled to become even more compact to fit about your back pack.

What's extremely cool is that it is compatible with another separate product from another manufacturer called the Trangia. Not only is it compatible, the Trangia will literally fit into the Solo Stove and adds another depth of versatility to your cooking equipment.  It's essentially a tiny stove that burns alcohol of all sorts.

Below is a video I made to demonstrate how to start a fire using the Solo Stove and heat up a pack of MRE (meals ready to eat). You might see me battling to start the fire, but that's because I lacked practice. When you get the hang of it, it will be easy.

And if you are interested in expanding your skills in starting a fire, check out the "top down burn" method.


How to heat up an MRE pack with a Solo Stove 

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